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NetUP MultiMedia Processor

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Product Description

The software-hardware complex NetUP MultiMedia Processor is a high-performance, multifunctional media server for solving video streaming tasks of any scale. From event broadcasting to building the core of broadcast for IPTV and OTT-operators.

It allows you to capture any IP streams (from cameras, encoders, VCs, VoD or third-party providers), transcode, embed dynamic graphics (logos, timers), record streams to an archive (CatchUP, Timeshift), protect them using tokens and AES encryption, deliver to any customers (STB, WEB-browsers, mobile devices, Smart TV)

Where to use

OTT Solutions

Assume broadcasting to mobile and static devices of different manufacturers, which requires broadcasting in several resolutions with automatic (adaptive) bitrate switching support.

CATV Networks

Use NetUP MultiMedia Processor for adapting the modern streams which are broadcasted in h.264, for the widely used old set-top boxes, which support only MPEG-2 with a high sensitivity to a signal quality.

Mosaic TV

Is used for visual monitoring of the presence and quality of the picture in various systems of TV broadcasting, video monitoring, event broadcasting.

Localization of TV channels

Embedding of different graphics (adding subtitles, inserting logos, advertising) including dynamic graphics (control record timer).

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