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IBM® System® x3300M4 (7382-B2A)

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x3300 M4, Xeon 4C E5-2407 80W 2.2GHz/1066MHz/10MB, RAM 1x 4GB,
 O/Bay HS 3.5in SAS/SATA, SR C105, DVD-ROM, 460W p/s, Tower

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The IBM® System x3300 M4 is a high-throughput network server with excellent performance scalability when you add memory and a second processor. They incorporate the powerful Intel Xeon processor E5-2400 product family with up to 15 MB cache. The energy-efficient design of the server supports two processors and 12 memory modules. It also supports either eight 3.5-inch HDDs or sixteen 2.5-inch HDDs or solid-state drives in a scalable tower or 4U rack package that is easy to service and manage. With more computing power per watt and the latest Intel Xeon processors, you can reduce costs and maintain speed and availability.

Suggested use for the IBM System x3300 M4 is for general business applications, collaboration/email, web, and virtualized desktops in a workgroup or distributed environments.

The following figure shows the IBM System x3300 M4 server.

IBM® System® x3300M4 (7382-B2A)
Figure 1. The IBM System x3300 M4

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